Season 03 of Meta Campania Collective has its tongue in cheek, expanding the essential summer wardrobe of Season 01 and Season 02 with colors and textures inspired by artists and actors who spent their summers on the Mediterranean (Picasso, Warhol, Beuys, Depp, Reeves and others). 

The palette of the previous season—black, white, meta blue, midnight blue, and dark chocolate brown—is both cooled and warmed with sun orange, light yellow and Weimaraner grey.

New pieces in hand-knit, embroidered crochet sit along vivid, striped shirts that accent the collection with unexpectedly playful elements.

Newly introduced to the collection are tailoring and evening-wear tuxedo shirts, unlined and unconstructed in tropical-weight woolen twill and cotton cashmere.
Paired with calf leather or crocheted slippers, a breezily formal look is achieved. 

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Live and Works in…. the stock phrase from every artist bio has a double meaning for Meta Campania Collective: it introduces artists, creatives and inspirational individuals that are part of the collective it refers to the customer who ‘lives and works in’ our products.

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Marc Goehring - Stylist and Art Director
Lives and works in Milan - Italy

Meta, Campania