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Shiro Unlined Shirling Tote

Lamb Shirling

Shiro Unlined Shirling Tote

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This large sized unlined tote bag is made of Italian long haired shirling.
It features two generous handles in the same shirling that wrap around the bag.
The hairy part of the shirling is visible outside the bag, while the sueded part of the shirling is inside the bag.
Two pockets are attached on each side inside the bag.
One features a silver coloured zip and has an embossed label below the zip, the other one is an open pocket.

Silver Zip
42cm X 28cm X 10cm
Edge Painting
Embossed Monogram
Made In Italy

100% Wooled Lamb Shirling
Lamb Shirling
We recommend that you do not leave your leather accessories exposed to the sun or intense light over an extended period to avoid marks appearing due to premature wrinkling. Do not allow it to become wet and do not expose it to humid conditions. Professional leather cleaning only.

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